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Happy daddy

Mar 17, 2012 at 11:28am

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My educational project

June 11, 2009 at 7:29am

I would like to recommend my blog for those interested in learning or improving foreign languages.
Uz-Translations - free online language learning materials for many languages:

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I am moving to other blog service

January 15, 2005 at 9:55am

I decided to move to my own hosting. That is why starting from today i'll be blogging on that server, you can access the new blog, by clicking on the following link:

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Lazy dayzzz

January 6, 2005 at 9:39am

Well, what can i say, all those dayz, we've been just doin' nuthing, because we all just came from holiday and both of our bosses weren't in the office.
The 5th was a pretty rainy and gloomy day, i woke up at 4-45 morning, dunno myself why so early and quickly went online, just to see how are the things going with my website and if there any negative or positive words, which might be said about my website.
Anyway, until the time came for me to go to work, I already wanted to go to bed again, but it was too late, so I spent the whole day in a sleepy kind of way and with a little headache.
Anyway, when i got home, there were some nice guests, that is my sister and her husband, they were tuning our new washing machine, then we sat and celebrated this thing :))), drank some wine and so on..
On the 6th the weather was really perfect and very sunny, my mood was very good. Also, this day was full of nothing-doing-thing. But, i also did some translation, and so on...

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Happy New Year!!!

January 1, 2005 at 6:59am

It's been a long time since i last wrote in here:))
Well, I got good news, i'll try to write more and more in here, well what else, ah yeah, on 29 December i got myself connected to Daewoo Unitel cell company and got a pretty nice looking number:)) I went to get connected with Firuza and it was raining and then snwoing and then we sat and had some nice pizza...
Ok, now i'll move to the 31 December, we did some preparation, in case guests might come, but instead were invited to Sarvar's place, we had a real good time there, but before, i'd like to say that, on that morning i finished making a really cool and interesting online sci-fi and horror novel, which is called "Alien Resurrection", and i added this masterpiece into the E-Books section of my website, if anyone interested here's the link:, hope you gonna like this page, if anyone likes please rate this page [rating thing is at the bottom of the page :))], what else, we had a nice day and evening on 31, we had a pretty nice celebration.
I woke up quite late, at 1030, which is quite late for me and then immedaitely went online to check if i got any new message, the whole day was spent on the pc, quite a boring day i'd say...

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TACIS CHristmas Party and SKY club

December 13, 2004 at 12:48pm

It was Saturday and guess what, I was at work, doing my translation, which got me sickened and tired, anyway I spent half of the day at the office, then decided to call Feruza and have a stroll with her. We met at Amir Temur and decided to go to the CUM and then to Golubyye kupola place, we had a quite nice chat and talked abiut different things, and all the time i was with her, I've been thinking to myself, do i love her or is it just an affection, or what is that i am feeling towarss her, will it lead to something bigger or just another break, which we already had some five years ago, and this thinking is still in my head.
Anyway, we walked until 1700 and i had exactly an hour and 30 min before the start of the Tacis Christmas Party, so i decided to go on foot till this place, it was in the Shirin restaurant. I arrived there at 1800 and had to wait for the others until almost 1900, then we all entered. Well, i had to buy a mask, though wasn't even planning to do so, but did this after some guy told us that the money will be sent to orphanages, so i decided to make a contribution into such a noble action. The party was not bad at all, we danced and jumped a lot, then in the middle of the party there was a lottery thing and know what, i won a big picture, WOW, I was really excited, though there were some better prizes, like DVD player, or TV, but i think that it doesn't matter what you win:)))
After the party we decided to go to disco and were thinking really hard which disco to choose and decided to go to some nice place near the Bumi hotel, but alas it was full and we had to go to the Sky club, which was on the 13 floor of the hotel, man this place sucks, only prostitutes, poor pop music, mainly Russian pop and very small place to dance and to sit, i gave mysef a word that i'll never step again into this s***hole. At 0300 we were on our way home, first we took Laziza and then Muzaffar home with a taxi, which was to take me home, when we arrived he told me that i have to pay him around 5 dollars, i said "What da f***" Then we agreed upon 3.5 dollars and this was the end of the crazy day and beginning of another stupid one, I woke up in the morning and at 1130 was on my way to work again, yup, work on Sunday, isn't it goddamn crazy, but our boss told us to come, so i thought i better do what he says, otherwise there might be some problems for me. But, instead of translating i spent an entire day on the net, surfing and doing some chnages to my website. The Sunday was spent in such a jolly and sweet manner.
Today {13 December} I had to go to work again, yes, non-stop work at the European project organization, yes, yes, yes Europeans do respect human rights of other people:-
Anyway, I could hardly translate today, I was sooo sleepy that just sat and surfed the net, of course there wasn't that much work to do, but there was some of course, it was a prety mundane and boring day, just like the others, well this is how i spent these three stupid and crazy dayzzz...

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